Wright Profemur® Z Hip Implant

including the Conserve Plus Cup

Wright hip replacement system consists of Conserve Plus Cup, Conserve Total Femoral Head, Wright Modular Femoral Neck, and Profemur E Cementless Stem as part of its original hip replacement system. According to a recent report put together by the Australian Joint Registry, Wright's Profemur® Z hip implant has an 11.2 percent failure rate after three years of implantation. This means that approximately 1 out of every 9 people who received the Wright Profemur hip experienced severe hip replacement problems within a few years after their surgery. Hip implants should last approximately 15 years or more, according to industry standards. But, according to lawsuits filed on behalf of hip implant patients who require revision surgery to replace their Wright Profemur® Hip Replacement systems, the hip implant systems made by Wright are defective and are failing at a much higher rate.

The main defect, according to lawsuits, is with the modular design. The neck portion of the system has a flexible design, so it can be fitted to each individual patient's leg length. This design, according to the lawsuits, makes it too easy for the neck portion to bend, fracture, and eventually break. These hip implants have been sold since at least 2005, and the company is still distributing the products. If you have had hip replacement surgery at any time since 2005, and are now experiencing hip replacement problems, contact your orthopedic surgeon or the hospital where you had your surgery to find out whether you have one of the implants in question. If you discover you do, contact Bowersox Law Firm P.C. and hire Jeff Bowersox to be your Wright Hip lawyer.


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