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BOWERSOX LAW FIRM is proud to display our SUPER LAWYERS designation. Only five percent of all lawyers in the nation receive such an honor. The SUPER LAWYERS designation is decided through a process of peer nomination and review. We work hard every day and with every new case to be worthy of the title SUPER LAWYERS designation.

Helping Our Clients

At BOWERSOX LAW FIRM, we help clients by taking cases on a contingent fee basis. This means our clients do not pay any attorney fees until we have recovered money for them. At the time the money is paid to resolve your case, we are paid a percentage of the recovery as our fee.

BOWERSOX LAW FIRM is also able to advance funds necessary to prosecute your case for you. We will advance you your court costs, experts' fees, and other necessary expenses because we know that you have already been financially hurt by your injury.

The attorneys at BOWERSOX LAW FIRM always offer free phone consultations on any injury. Please call us and find out how we can help with a free consultation.

Litigation and Negotiation

The term "litigation" means filing a lawsuit and getting ready for a trial, including going to a jury trial to protect your rights if necessary. "Negotiation" is the process of trying to settle your case before you go to trial.

A good lawyer is willing to use both litigation and negotiation to help you. Litigation and negotiation are a lawyer's tools to make the person or company that injured you act responsibly and pay for your damages. A good lawyer has a reputation for being ready, willing, and able both to win cases at trial and to reach favorable settlements that get clients the compensation they need. The lawyers at BOWERSOX LAW FIRM have the experience to both litigate and negotiate your case.


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