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Revive Superfoods

The FDA is now investigating a Canada-based company, Revive Superfoods, based on complaints from people saying they experienced acute liver failure after consuming the mango-and-pineapple smoothie product. The symptoms being reported include chest and abdominal pain, nausea and elevated liver enzymes.

Among the ingredients in the mango-and-pineapple smoothie is tara protein, an additive similar to the tara flour identified by Daily Harvest as the cause of sickness in hundreds of its customers. Although the company has not voluntarily issued a recall of this product, they have stopped selling the mango-and-pineapple smoothie. The smoothie appears to be the only product of theirs that contains the tara ingredient. Like the tara flour used by Daily Harvest, the ingredient is derived from the seeds of the tara tree, which is native to South America.

A recent statement from Revive Superfoods CEO, Yousuf Soliman states:


“Hi everyone! Yousuf Soliman here. CEO and Co-founder of Revive Superfoods. We recently became aware of a public note from Daily Harvest indicating the tara flour ingredient as the cause of the issue behind their recall. Since we became aware of this ingredient as a potential hazard, we immediately contacted regulatory authorities and removed it from further sale on our website. We also immediately ran extensive testing for all major pathogens/toxins/allergens and all results have come back negative.Our ingredients, processes and suppliers may differ from Daily Harvest but we are taking no chances. We have reached out to Daily Harvest and the FDA for further clarity on what specifically is causing tara protein to be an issue even though results are negative.Our number one priority is always the safety and health of our customers and I can assure you we are utilizing all resources to get to the bottom of this. My commitment to you will never waver in ensuring our quality products continue to be a source of good food and living a better lifestyle.Sincerely,Yousuf Soliman”

Bowersox Law Firm is representing people who have been injured by this product as well as dozens of people who were injured by the Daily Harvest Leek + Lentil Crumbles, which is known to contain a similar tara ingredient, tara flour.

If you have consumed this product and have suffered harm, please email or call BOWERSOX LAW FIRM, P.C immediately for a free evaluation of your claim for compensation for your injuries. Phone 1-800-255-1996 or email


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