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Brain Injury

Our attorneys understand that brain injuries can change not only the lives of injured people, but the lives of their loved ones as well. The frustration of being unable to perform tasks that were at one time easy for the injured person can be overwhelming. Catastrophic brain injuries can leave the injured person completely unable to move or to provide for his or her daily living needs and activities, and the responsibility to care for the injured person often falls upon a spouse, parent, or other relative. In extreme cases the mental, physical, and financial stress of providing daily care to a seriously injured loved one can eventually overburden the caregiver as well.

BOWERSOX LAW FIRM assists brain-injured people and their families by providing aggressive and conscientious legal representation, as well as referrals to support groups and care providers. We understand that brain injury can affect many different areas of an injured person's life, and we will help you get the care and compensation that you or your loved one need. The law provides for full compensation to pay for medical bills and life care, including attendants when required, as well as a monetary compensation for the loss of quality of life sustained by the injured person. BOWERSOX LAW FIRM will seek full and fair compensation from the person or business that is responsible for injuring to you or your loved one.

The attorneys and staff at BOWERSOX LAW FIRM are experienced in getting help for people who have been seriously injured and for their loved ones. We will pursue every legal remedy to obtain fair compensation to the fullest extent possible. Please give us a call to discuss your case.


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